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Law Office of Harry Kresky

Areas of Practice:

Real Estate transactions and litigation.

  • Lead counsel for not-for-profit in acquisition and financing of $10 million youth development center and theater on 42 St.
  • Co-counsel with Holland & Knight in successful effort to stop demolition of historic St. Brigid’s Church by Archdiocese of New York.
  • Commercial and residential sale and acquisition of buildings, cooperative apartments and condominiums.
  • Negotiating leases for commercial tenants.
  • Representing tenants defending against efforts to terminate their tenancy.
  • Representation of low and moderate income coops.

Representation of individuals concerning terms and conditions of employment, including civil rights, wrongful discharge. Litigation and counseling employees of private businesses and government.

  • Won reinstatement of late City Councilman James E. Davis who was fired by NYPD after he challenged former Brooklyn Democratic Party Chair Clarence Norman in 1998 race for N.Y. State Assembly.
  • Achieved favorable settlement on behalf of a group of African-American middle level managers terminated by major telecommunications company.

Representation of individuals and organizations in assertion of rights against government overreaching. Includes:

  • Represented podiatrist who won the return of his daughter from government funded social workers who said that his working nights to obtain an education at his own expense showed a lack of regard for the welfare of his daughter.
  • Represented Rifle & Pistol club in First Amendment litigation against public school system which utilized students to take home leaflets supporting controversial gun control legislation.
  • Won appeal to U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit reinstating civil rights action against City of Wilkes-Barre, PA for shutting down a bar and restaurant because its customers were predominately Black and Latino.

Wills and Estates.

  • Drafting wills.
  • Representing parties in Surrogate’s Court proceedings.

Matrimonial/Family Law.

  • Representation of men and women in divorce proceedings.
  • Successful in winning child custody for mothers and fathers.

Election Law.

  • Counsel to
  • Represented individuals and organizations seeking to preserve open primary systems in Idaho and South Carolina.
  • Advising candidates and organizations on campaign finance regulation.
  • Successfully defended Ralph Nader in 2004 presidential race against efforts to remove him from ballot in West Virginia and New Mexico.
  • Litigation in New Mexico with co-counsel to challenge state funding of closed primaries under the “anti-donation” clause of the New Mexico Constitution.

Advising small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.